About Us



We are a limited liability company duly organized and registered under the laws of the Republic of Kenya.
We have created innovative and cost friendly solutions available to all our customers in various sectors,
such as; the Media industry, financial services, insurance,information technology, manufacturing and government ministries.

Where we started...

Foundations in Kenya

Gilfield Services was started to provide in the year 2010 to provide HVAC, UPS Power Back-Up and Civil works services, we are professionals experienced enough to provide our clients with the best of what the industry has to offer here in Kenya, our main branch is in Nairobi, Westlands.

We focus on customer service, timely delivery and quality of standards in all our works, we have a team that ison stand by in all areas around Kenya and a hotline for more inquiries provided above for inquiries and more information.

Our Overall strategy

At Gilfield, we have created big ideas and solutions for both air conditioning and Refrigeration systems dealer in Kenya.At Gilfield, we have created big ideas and solutions for both air conditioning and refrigeration service in Kenya and the East African region.

We have larger than life expectations period which is why we need you to choose Gilfield as your perfect business partner. If you have analyzed the cost and benefit of air conditioning and refrigeration services either for your business or home and now you are ready to turn cost cutting plans into action,this means you are ready for Gilfield services Ltd.

  • Free Site Survey and Consultation on issues
  • Residential, Commercial & Mechanical HVAC
  • Cold room and Refrigeration services
  • Civil Works and Road works
  • UPS and Heavy duty diesel power back-up generators
  • Commercial and Industrial Regrigeration
  • Certified official partner in HVAC supply, maintenance and distribution services

If you would like to find out more on the services we offer please schedule an appointment with us or write us and our team will respond as soon as possible, you can also use our hotline for more pressing issues, glad we can serve you better.